How a Rug Can Change a Room

The dining area in this Swedish apartment is a perfect example of how a rug can change the look & feel of an entire room. This is why a love a vintage kilim rug! You can see images of the area without the rug here and here. I also love the artwork. When you want to (re)decorate a room in your home and you don’t know where to start, it is best to choose a rug or artwork that you like and go from there. You can use the color scheme of the rug or artwork to choose accessories such a cushions to get a unified look. If you are interested in a vintage kilim rug: with code RUGLOVE you now get 25% discount on the last rugs available from Le Souk. The discount is also valid on all (kilim) cushion covers. Kilim rugs and cushions are unique so there is only one available of each.

Image source: Bjufors.

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