Feminine Workwear That is Stylish And Professional

Today’s post is all about feminine office workwear with a casual French flair. I like office wear that is stylish but that isn’t too rigid. Here are some suggestions of items that make you look professional as well as stylish. Tip: pearl jewellery pieces give an instant chic touch to your outfit.

Above: Oversized Tweed Blazer | Flared Jeans | Fitted Embroidered Shirt

Fringed Wool Blanket Scarf | Pearl Charm Sterling Silver Earrings | Slingback Leather Mules | Oversized Belted Coat | Crossbody Leather Bag | Oversized Tweed Blazer

Above: Oversized Belted Coat | Fringed Wool Blanket Scarf | Straight Tailored Trousers | Croco Leather Belt

Above: Pied-De-Poule Blazer

Above: Oversized Tweed Blazer

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